My name is Ian Ruta.

Welcome to my dojo!

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ian ruta

☝ That's me! ☝

I am a Product Manager originally from Canada and currently based in Berlin, with vast experience creating logistics networks and consumer oriented products. I have completed multiple side projects ranging from creating my own mobile apps to directing short films. I love playing board games, basketball, soccer/football and also posing casually on staircases as evidenced in the picture above. I am also an unabashed Nicolas Cage fan.

Professional Details

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Product Management

I have developed a customer first approach to product management through past experiences building ops products and features with the overarching goal of offering an excellent customer experience. I have led product development from the stages of identifying the problems, ideation, validation, engineering, and post-release monitoring. I also possess full-stack knowledge, lean principles, and an agile approach.

ian skills


I have experience leading small teams while creating a fun collaborative working environment that encourages personal growth and development. As well, I have led many cross-functional process and product development initiatives involving numerous departments and stakeholders, which have inspired significant improvements to the customer experience, processes, and key metrics.

ian skills

Technical Skills

I am proficient utilizing Excel and SQL to thoroughly measure and understand data. Additionally, I am able to create some frontend functionality using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Sketch: this website is a small display of these abilities.

Get In Touch

If you would like to speak with me about potential projects or collaboration please reach out at . Feel free to also connect or follow me on any of the social media channels below. Please don't be shy!